Tuesday, April 29, 2014

So There's That

So, I might have done something a little (read: lot) , shall we say, scary? I have been extremely bored and unsettled in my career. I'm not sure ever was "settled." There have been pockets of contentment, there have been many times that I have loved what I was doing. Nursing is a very taxing yet rewarding career. It's hard. You are underappreciated, overworked, and constantly tired. On the flip side, you have those particular patients you connect with. Those patients that truly appreciate you. Perhaps you saved their life. Perhaps you explained what was going on in a language they speak (heaven knows many doctors don't put things in layman's terms). Maybe you sang to them when they were scared. Who knows. It could be anything.
I have been a nurse for going on 14 years. It weird to think about that. In those 14 years, I honestly cannot remember going a full year without wanting to do something else. I got my nursing license when I was very young. Perhaps that played a roll to my burn out? I have a TON of very different interest. Maybe that's it? I don't know. Bottom line is that I have finally decided to change this. If y'all recall, I posted at the beginning of the year about making my life better. To me, this means being happy and living well. Learning something new and perfecting that.
I have toyed with going back school and finishing my degree. I have thought about going back and getting my RN. I have thought about going into photography. I have thought about moving away and starting over. Nothing has ever really felt right. Like I said, I have so many differnt insterest. I have thought long and hard about what is going to make me happy. This is what I have come up with:
1) I need to make money. Doesn't have to be a lot, but I need to be able to live off it. I'm single and most ceratinly not independantly weathy weathy.
2) I need to be able to continue to learn. I have a problem with becoming bored. I need to feel like I'm progressing. I love to learn new things, it makes me feel better.
3) I HAVE to have a creative outlet. I have found that I am happiest when I'm able to be creative. Nursing is fast pace, there is always something to learn, you make money...but you don't get a lot of creative license when you're messing with someone else's life.
4) I have to enjoy what I'm doing. I mean, if I'm going to put the effort into going back to school, then I'm going to do something that I enjoy.
What have I come up with, you ask? Well, I'm have signed up for Culinary School! Yay!!! It's going to be so freaking awesome! It's something that I love, I can be creative, I can make money and I will always be learning. There is so much more that went into making this decision and knowing it's the right path. Y'all, I'm excited. I start in August. It's a 21 month program, but sinice I have some credits that I'm transferring in, it will cut that down a bit. Also, those credits will cut down on the cost.
So. There it is. Cullinary School. Better life. Happiness. What do y'all think??